Jahi's chimen

Helping to make your children conscious, confident, proud of their identity is our goal at Roots Editions.

“Jahi’s Chimen” tells the story of a cursed young boy who tries to free himself from it by embarking on a quest. He will walk and explore concepts such as identity, parenting and some other fundamental notions of self-constitution. This book, half-exercise book, half history, was written by Charlise Saint-Fleur, coach and practitioner of creativity. Its main objective is to help the young person to become self-aware in all aspects and to nurture his self-esteem and confidence.

The most of this book:

It is innovative in its form (half story, half exercise book). It is interactive and connected. In addition, the story is accessible to the visually impaired. This book also aims to strengthen ties within the family by offering exercises to explore its family history.

Keywords: #Conscience, #EstimeDeSoi, #Identité, #Histoire