Leonie and her friends

Because we believe it is necessary to cultivate benevolence and tolerance from an early age, we have decided to expand our editorial line in this regard.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we present a newcomer to the Roots Éditions family, Léonie.

Léonie is a character created by Justine Deschamps and portrayed by Faustine.

In this sparkling first book, Justine Deschamps, through the eyes of her heroine, shares her vision of diversity. She highlights a little girl’s daily life by discussing her relationship with her parents, as well as how she makes friends.

Leonie’s friends are like the West Indies: a melting pot.

This book is about cultures that rub shoulders and mix. It also offers readers the opportunity to explore different landscapes and climates.

The most of this book:

Like any book aimed at the youngest, it stimulates the imagination. It can be a tool for exchange on topics such as cross-breeding, diversity, cultural differences…

Keywords: #MeltingPot, #Enfance, #Amitié…