Maellie, it’s me

Welcome to the childish and poetic world of little Mailie.

This little heroine was conceived by Carole Cardonnet and Tony Duro. The latter is also the author of the illustrations. It is said that they were inspired by their daughter to bring this character to life.

Starting to conquer a piece of rainbow, this little Guadeloupean will take the opportunity to get to know the local wildlife. This curious little girl will gain wisdom along her way.

Encouraging your children to discover, learn, laugh and grow is our project at Roots Editions. We are therefore directing our editorial line in this direction. “Maele is me” is one of the books we have chosen for reissue for 2020.

The most of this book:

What we like is its immersion in the territory of Guadeloupe. We love the soft and childish graphics of the book, which contrasts with the mostly digital drawings.

Keywords: #Apprendre, #Amusement, #Découvrir, #Explorer