Meet Cristel, our CEO!

I did my classes in the Paris region (Seine Saint Denis) where I followed a scientific course. After graduation, I choose to move to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, where I come from. Th e arrival of my daughter 8 years ago allows me to see that French children’s literature only highlights European beauty criteria. I then set out to conquer the English-speaking market (where the field is more developed) by offering translations of books for children from the diaspora. In order to allow my peers to discover these authors, through training in Canada, I create my own publishing house. Welcome to ROOTS EDITIO NSThe mission I give myself: to enable our children (and you, parents!) to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. To learn their history. To realize that they are capable of the best. While reconciling them with reading. The love of reading, my desire for change, the awareness of my worth and my devotion to my ancestors allowed me to embark on this venture. On the menu: passion and conviction, despite my introversion and some life challenges such as illness and single parenthood. My gratitude helps me to continue day after day. If my journey inspires at least one person, the adventure will not have been in vain 😉

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