Moun Péyi

As you know, at Roots Éditions, we are passionate about history.

Because it is important that our children have heroes who look like them, we found a little gem named “Moun Péyi”. This is the first book by Marc Ernest, a socially engaged author.

This small-format book, illustrated by the talented Queen Dibussi, tells us in Creole as in French the lives of these great women and men who have marked our history. Through these famous figures, we travel through Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti. This book highlights the riches of the Creoles, the diversity of our heroes, thus reminding us how much we have to be proud of what they have bequeathed to us.

The most of this book:

It is bilingual and introduces children to different Creoles. Although it is intended for children, the content will also enrich or establish the knowledge of the older ones. It allows children to access their history, a fundamental step in building their identity. In addition, it gives them access to inspiring models.

Keywords: #Histoire, #Héros, #EstimeDeSoi, #Créole