Our Mission
Our MissionSee learning and knowledge of history through entertainment are core values at ROOTS EDITIONS.

Our mission is to teach African and Afro-descendant children, young and old, through pedagogy, reading and images to which they can identify, trust and self-respect; which will allow them to believe in their abilities and potential.

Authors from around the world, which ROOTS EDITIONS highlights by publishing them, through their community identity and awareness of cross-generational trauma, will enable future generations to highlight and express their diversity and creativity.
Our editorial policy
ROOTS EDITIONS welcomes French and English-speaking, Afro-descendant and African authors who have a desire to write for children and adolescents in the same community.

Whether you decide to write biographies of great leaders, novels, short stories, poems… Any book intended for the younger generation respecting our mission is likely to be published by our publishing house.

ROOTS is a freelance publishing house: We allow you to publish your work professionally We offer services including all the steps of making a book. We work according to your desires and expectations

our services

ROOTS EDITIONS welcomes French and English, Afro-descendant and African authors who
have a desire to write for children and adolescents in the same community.


Roots is an author-based publishing house that provides quality follow-up.
A letter and a publishing contract are given to you after acceptance of your work.

  • Your book is reread and corrected
  • Your manuscript and illustrations are methodically and rigorously laid out
  • Your coverage is produced according to your desires
  • Your ISBN number and legal deposit are provided to you
  • Printing is guaranteed optimal quality


Roots distributes your finished product to booksellers and distributors
Our publishing house also manages the publication and distribution of
the digital version of your books


Do you want to export? Afro-descendant and African communities
are present all over the world, make yourself known! 
Roots translates your book or publishes your book already translated into English
Our network of English booksellers allows us an effective distribution of your book