Roots is a Vanity Press ensuring quality follow-up

We draft publishing letter and contract which will be given to you after acceptance of your work

Your book i reviewed and corrected

Your manuscript and illustrations are formatted in a methodical and rigorous approach

The cover is produced according to your wishes

Your ISBN and your legal deposit are provided

We deliver high quality printing results


Roots ensures the dissemination of your finished product to booksellers and distributors

Our publishing house also manages the edition and distribution of your digital books


Do you plan to export your work ?

The African and Afro-descendant communities are present all around the world, make yourself visible !

Roots translates your book or publishes your book already translated into French

Our network of French speaking booksellers allows us to effectively distribute your work

Rates are based on services provided and examined on a case by case basis.

Do not hesitate to contact us.